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Our Values

A Note from Our CEO about AFSC/Magellan Federal Values

All of us at AFSC/Magellan Federal understand that our unique legacy brings with it a commitment to do “more” for those we serve. No matter what the job, from the highest-level leadership consulting, to the most tactical support service, AFSC will do more. We will do more for the client, and we will do more for the Warrior, Veteran and their Family.

We have engineered every AFSC/Magellan Federal system to ensure we deliver on this century-old promise. We start with an HR system designed to find and attract those with not only the right skills, but also the selfless AFSC/Magellan Federal attitude. Our orientation, training, development, assessment and compensation systems are then similarly focused on delivering both the tools and motivation needed to deliver more. We are vigilant in watching for improvements big and small, and adept at quickly exploiting these opportunities with rapid planning and implementation.

“More” is a promise we make to every client, and to every member of the military community. We hold ourselves accountable everyday to live up to our special legacy.

—Michael Plymack, Chief Executive Officer

AFSC/Magellan Federal Values

At AFSC/Magellan Federal, our clients' mission is our mission. We hold our clients' priorities as our sole focus and measure ourselves based upon the value we deliver.

Innovation: We enhance results by remaining always vigilant in watching for new ideas- big or small- that can accelerate our client's mission.

Excellence: In every aspect of our business, we deliver people and systems focused achieving outstanding results.

Integrity: We maintain the utmost ethical standards in every aspect of our operation.

Respect: We value all people, we honor their dignity and grant legitimacy to all points of view.

Celerity: Our employees are dedicated and efficient. We are attentive, and passionately responsive to our clients' needs.

Our Commitment to Ethical Conduct

AFSC/Magellan Federal’s legacy is built upon the highest possible standards of ethical conduct of our employees. Our reputation for integrity and excellence requires careful observance of the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as scrupulous regard for the maximum standards of conduct and personal integrity. All affairs of the Company will be conducted openly, honorably, honestly, and impartially, and our employees will constantly strive to maintain the confidence of our clients, suppliers, and the military community.

Voices of AFSC/Magellan Federal

Here is a comprehensive snapshot of the most recent survey of AFSC/ Magellan Federal employees.

98.7% have a good understanding of our mission and 99.6% are aligned with our core values

96.9% see their job as important to our special mission

96.9% are willing to give extra effort to help us succeed

89.3% are satisfied with AFSC/Magellan Federal as their employer and
65.1%are EXTREMELY satisfied

Based on a response rate of 49.2%.