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AFSC/Magellan Federal Offers Veteran Benefits Services to Employees

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Magellan Crisis Communications

MFLC Madeline Patalano Coined Twice

MFLC Madeline Patalano received two coins from Major Satterfield, chaplain and rear detachment POC, on Dec. 28, 2018 and Jan. 2, 2019. Madeline greatly contributed to MFLC’s support of over 1500 soldiers returning home from deployment in November alone. Madeline was recognized for her involvement in the reintegration dinners, flight arrivals, welcome ceremonies, and reintegration briefs. She attended ten homecoming ceremonies and met nine flights for returning soldiers, waiting alongside the Service members’ anxious families at all hours.

Join us in celebrating Madeline’s achievements and thanking her for her support of our Service members.

Magellan Crisis Communications

New! Magellan Health Crisis Communications Resource Page

Sadly, nearly every day we are faced with traumatic events that impact our clients and members. Whether it be weather-related events, shootings or other emergencies, these traumatic events are frightening. Some of the events make national news, and impact members from many clients, while other events are more local, and may impact one or a few clients. When an event impacts many people in a region, Magellan Health opens a crisis line and encourages the public to call for counseling and other resources.

In response to traumatic events, Magellan has developed a central location for crisis communications resources. The resource page, includes four Magellan tip sheets available to download, and links to resources on the Ready.gov website, such as guides and videos for nearly 30 different types of traumatic events. The purpose of this page is to show that we are proactive and that we care. We realize that we may not be aware of all traumatic events that our members encounter, but our resources are available 24/7/365.

This resource page can be shared publicly. The tip sheets on the resource page are available in both English and Spanish. If someone you know could use this information, please share.

San Antonio Open House

San Antonio Open House

Thursday, November 8, we hosted an Open House event at our San Antonio office. Current and future customers and employees were given the opportunity to speak with leadership to learn about the great things we are doing to support warriors, veterans, and families. Mike Plymack, Magellan Federal CEO, and Sam Srivastava, Magellan Healthcare CEO, were attendance to meet one-on-one with attendees.

Thanks to all who attended and helped make this an extremely successful event!

Pictured above from left: Ed Yost, Gina Pagano, Sam Srivastava, Mia Barb, and Mike Plymack


AFSC/Magellan Federal’s Psychological Health Coordinators Recognized

AFSC/Magellan Federal’s Psychological Health Coordinator Team was recently recognized by the Army National Guard Chief Surgeon, Michael Pelzner, COL MC, for their exceptional work. The PHC Team has exceeded contractual requirements and implemented numerous program enhancements, such as the Outreach Toolkit, a Behavioral Health Stigma Reduction presentation and Civilian Behavioral Health Clinicians training. Contributions from the Psychological Health Coordinators have benefited Service members from 54 States and Territories. They now have increased access to critical resources that reduce negative psychological health symptoms and improve overall well-being.

Domestic Violence

Stand Up. Speak Out. Stop Domestic Violence.

It’s important to be aware of domestic violence’s red flags as well as the resources available to prevent and cope with abuse. The 87th Medical Group Family Advocacy Program recently hosted a domestic abuse discussion panel. AFSC/Magellan Federal employee and Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate Christina Hernandez spoke at the panel, joining others in bringing awareness to the program and its offerings. Read more about the event and Family Advocacy Program.

NEW Deltek Expense Report Training Dates & Resources

Upcoming General User Training Dates:

• Tuesday, August 28th at 5:00 PM EDT

Expense Report Timeline

Mileage Report User Guide

Non Travel Expense Report User Guide

Travel Expense Report User Guide

Upcoming Supervisor User Training Dates:

Thursday, August 23rd at 10:00 AM EDT

Approving Expense Report for Supervisors Guide

2018 Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Training

2018 Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Training

In August, the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) held a training in Orlando, Florida for 24 of its staff members. Subjects included TRICARE, autism, suicide prevention, home visits, and other topics to provide support for families with special needs.

The following people were recognized during the training for their exceptional service:

  • Melisa Ram
  • Aleida Brown
  • Jessica Naccarato
  • Stacey Schrager
  • Laura Voyles

A group photo from the event can be seen above. Learn more about EFMP and its mission.

Costpoint Timesheet Training

Timesheet Training Guide

Timesheet Supervisor Approval Guide

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