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Morning of Hope Walk at Mount Trashmore

On September 9, 2017, members of FFSC Oceana/Dam Neck teamed with military members from NAS Oceana to attend the Morning of Hope at Mount Trashmore. The Morning of Hope was an informative and moving program with several speakers who talk personally about their experience with depression or suicide. After the program, the team walked the perimeter of Mount Trashmore with other community members touched by depression or suicide in support of suicide awareness.

Happy Anniversary, AFSC! Thanks for Joining the Magellan Team!

It’s hard to believe, but July 1st marks the one-year anniversary of AFSC and Magellan Federal joining together to form our federal division. And, what a year it has been! We all came together to make the integration as seamless as possible. Thank you to both teams for making us one team!

With a long legacy of service to military survivors which dates back to 1879, we knew AFSC would be a great fit to the Magellan organization and offer us a unique federal contracting expertise. We’ve set a standard for success in the industry and on this important anniversary, we wanted to share a very special accomplishment.

The Army recently awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross to the first U.S. aviation casualty in World War I.

Capt. James Miller, one of the first aviators in the U.S. military, took command of the 95th Pursuit Squadron in February 1918 in France. The pilots in this squadron were the first American-trained pilots to fight in World War I. Miller and a fellow pilot flew into enemy territory a month later and fought off two German aircraft. The other pilot experienced trouble with his machine gun and had to leave Miller to fight on his own. The Distinguished Flying Cross citation said Miller "fearlessly" exposed himself to the enemy "until his own aircraft was severely damaged and downed behind the German lines."

The captain succumbed to his injuries.

A few weeks ago, Miller was honored at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia as part of the Army's 242nd birthday celebration. Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer presented the award to Miller's great-grandson, Byron Derringer.

"We're very proud today to have some of the descendants from James Miller's family here and able to represent him and a lineage of what he achieved on those battlefields as the first individual who gave his life in that war in aviation," Speer said at the event.

Our AFSC teammates played a huge role in the processing of this well-deserved, long overdue award for the WWI pilot as part of the Army's Award Branch Contract.

This is just one example of how AFSC’s mission to offer exceptional solutions that support our military and Magellan’s purpose to lead humanity to healthy, vibrant lives go hand-in-hand. AFSC believes that for them, supporting the military isn’t just business—it’s personal. And, Magellan couldn’t agree more.

We make a great team and with the integration of AFSC and Magellan Federal essentially complete, we are now able to focus entirely on new horizons for service and impact.  We look forward to seeing where year two will take us in furthering the unique impact on the lives we touch.

Thank you, AFSC, for joining the Magellan team and providing us an even greater opportunity to do more for our current clients, for new clients and for our employees.

T*A*P*S Memorial Day Event

Over the 2017 Memorial Day weekend AFSC/Magellan team mates volunteered at the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (T*A*P*S) event. This program supports families and children who have lost a loved one that have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Team members Racquel P. and Shaun G. are part of the OSBR /Family Assistance Support (FAST). Their table was located in the T*A*P*S resource village. Racquel and Shaun were there to provide support and answer questions regarding military government entitlements. The main focus was to ensure the surviving spouses of all service members who died on active duty are signed up to receive their interactive Online Survivor Benefits Report (OSBR) through DS Logon. The personalized interactive reports display not only all current and estimated future benefits but also allow survivors to input “What if?” type changes to family members’ education status and plans, disability status, and marital status to see what impact those changes have on the family’s benefit amounts.

T*A*P*S Team Leader, Rob R. attended his 17th year participating with T*A*P*S. Rob helps to facilitate grief work for a group of 23 children, ages ten to twelve years old and their mentors. All of the children that are in his group have experienced the loss of a loved one that was serving in the US Armed Forces.

It is such an honor and rewarding experience for our team mates to provide support for the families of our Fallen heroes. Thank you for representing AFSC/Magellan Federal and for your continous work with our military, veterans, and military families.

Wish to learn more about how you can volunteer or about T*A*P*S, Click Here.

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