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AFSC/Magellan Federal Offers Veteran Benefits Services to Employees

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Employee Newsfeed:

Take the MagellanPulse Survey on March 28!

Take the MagellanPulse Survey on March 28!

#We’reListening! On March 28, we’re launching our first MagellanPulse to collect feedback about how you experience work at AFSC/Magellan Federal.Since this is the first time we have participated, we are excited to give you a peek so you know what to expect.

It’s Quick. It takes 5 to 7 minutes to complete from your browser or smartphone.

It’s Frequent. We’ll be asking for your feedback three times a year, in March, July and October.

It’s Actionable. The Pulse provides feedback for dialogue and action that will allow your manager to make improvements that count.

It’s Confidential. Managers never see your individual responses. The survey is hosted and compiled by an independent third-party firm, Glint, Inc. Glint operates under confidentiality rules and provides manager reports in summary form only.

We encourage you to participate and make your voice heard!

For more information, talk to your manager and review the FAQs on VERN by searching on “MagellanPulse.”

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Verizon Wireless Discount?

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Verizon Wireless Discount?

Magellan Healthcare employees are eligible for a 19% discount off their monthly access charges with Verizon Wireless. This discount increased from the 12% AFSC discount in December 2018. So, if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, be sure to check your account to make sure you are receiving the correct deduction. If you aren’t currently receiving a discount, you can follow the steps below to sign up.

  1. Visit verizonwireless.com/discounts.
  2. Use your work email to validate your discount.
  3. Once you submit your email address, you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. Follow the confirmation link in the email within 72 hours to complete the process.

2019 Federal Leadership Meeting – Increasing Our Impact on the Customers We Serve

2019 Federal Leadership Meeting – Increasing Our Impact on the Customers We Serve

From March 3-5, nearly 100 of our leaders from around the globe gathered for the annual Federal Leadership meeting. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Increasing Our Impact on the Customers We Serve.” Topics included the company’s path forward, strategy and growth, compliance, marketing and communications, increasing customer satisfaction, thought leadership, and program-level updates, delivered by peers and leaders in each area. This yearly event offers company leaders the opportunity to connect with colleagues and share cross-functional approaches to improve our solutions.

Special thanks to all of the speakers and attendees, as well as those working behind the scenes to make the event a success.

Explore How Magellan is Providing Solutions and Making a Difference, at #natcon19 – March 25-27

Explore How Magellan is Providing Solutions and Making a Difference, at #natcon19 in Nashville, TN – March 25-27

Magellan Healthcare is a proud sponsor of #NatCon19, and we will be supporting this important event in the following ways:

Exciting Exhibit Hall Presence at Booth #534

Come check out our cozy setup for giveaways and to learn more about the solutions we're offering every day to help our members and communities. While you're there, make sure to enter our raffle for a chance to win an Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa or $25 Amazon gift card!

iPoster Presentation and Panel Discussion Participation

Monday, March 25 (12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

iPoster Presentation - Peer Recovery Navigation: Beyond Billing

  • Featuring Magellan participants from the Magellan Healthcare office in Cambria County, PA to include: Jason Rilogio, peer recovery navigator, and Tracy Shultz, director of operations
  • Location: Ryman Exhibit Hall, C1/C2, Level 0

Monday, March 25 (12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

VBP Arrangements: From Concept to Contract, Payers’ Perspectives

  • Featuring four panelists to include: Jim Stringham, CEO, Magellan Complete Care of Arizona
  • Location: Davidson A, Level M

Wednesday, March 27 (9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.)

Health Plans and Technology

  • Featuring six panelists to include: Adam Weliver, senior vice president, Magellan Healthcare
  • Location: Ryman Ballroom F, Level 0

Learn more about this annual event that brings together mental health and addictions service/treatment professionals to lead change and improve lives.

We hope to see you there!

Stand Out Employees Receive Excellence in Engagement Award
Award recipients from left to right: Mike Francisco (presented by Kate Lyle), Trieana Kim (not pictured, presented by Todd Baker), Maureen Wiegl and Daisy Johnson (presented by Don Bartholomew), Beth Moore and Stacey Resnick (presented by Oscar Montes), Frances Stinson and Ronnie Weiner (presented by Dan McCarthy), Tracy Felton (presented by Carlo Uchello)

Stand Out Employees Receive Excellence in Engagement Award

At this year’s Federal Leadership meeting several AFSC/Magellan Federal Employees received the Excellence in Engagement Award for their outstanding commitment to client engagement. Each awardee has demonstrated unparalleled support and service to their respective clients and programs. Recipients of the award are listed below:

  • Tracy Felton
  • Michael Francisco
  • Daisy Johnson
  • Trieana Kim
  • Beth Moore
  • Stacey Resnick
  • Frances Stinson
  • Ronnie Weiner
  • Maureen Wiegl

Please joins us in congratulating each of the awardees for their achievements.

Farewell to Mike and Earl

Farewell to Mike and Earl

We would like to thank both Mike and Earl for their dedication and commitment to AFSC/Magellan Federal’s mission. Mike’s leadership over the last year has been instrumental to our successful integration with Magellan Health. Through his support of both AFSC and Magellan, we were able to remain focused on our mission while completing the numerous necessary tasks required to bring these organizations together. Earl is an accomplished leader that has brought a wealth of human capital expertise gained from a distinguished military career and more than a decade of experience managing and consulting across the federal government. Joining AFSC in 2011, he led the effort to pursue and win positions on government IDIQs.

Both Mike and Earl will be greatly missed and we wish them well on their future endeavors.

Mountain Home Air Force Base Coining

Mountain Home Air Force Base Coining

Connie Burnett, Lynn Crenshaw, and Connie Karcher, teach MFLCs at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho, and the three were coined for their hard work and dedication to military students and families. Mr. Allen, their school liaison officer, speaks highly of the MFLCs' counseling abilities and enthusiasm for the students and families, stating, “I am really happy to be on their team and they couldn't be doing a better job!”

Join us in celebrating their achievements and thanking them for their support to our Service members and their families.

Did You Know Workplace Supports Box Integration?

Did You Know Workplace Supports Box Integration?

With Box integration into Workplace, teams can share their files, content, and ideas more easily and collaborate on projects in real-time. Users in Box or Workplace can seamlessly access and share content from Box into their Workplace groups. Check out some of the features below:

  • Easily share content from Box in Workplace - Users can select content saved in Box to share right from their Workplace post - without leaving Workplace - using the Box File Picker
  • Preview content saved in Box right from Workplace - Instead of repeatedly downloading files and viewing them in different programs on your desktop, users will be able to preview their shared Box content directly in their Workplace groups.
  • Collaborate better with Workplace groups - Users can share files directly with Workplace groups without ever leaving Box and access all your recently shared Box content right from the files tab in a Workplace group.
  • Extra compliance controls - This feature gives you greater controls when sharing files. It helps with compliance policies which prevent third-party image capture. The new box preview enables you to select the type of image that group members see when they access a shared file or a folder.

Message from Barry Smith: Announcing Magellan's 2019 Goals

Message from Barry Smith: Announcing Magellan's 2019 Goals

2019 is off to a fast start – with great opportunity to make a difference. I look forward to this time each year when we roll out our strategies and goals across all the business units. It’s a reminder of what great things Magellan is capable of accomplishing when we work together as a team. And, it fills me with fresh optimism and new hope as I look ahead at what we are driving toward.

I’d like to share with you an overview of our enterprise-wide goals, both as context and as a reminder that all our efforts come together in a powerful way. Every employee in the company has a role in our success. Please take a few minutes to read the below plan and ask your leaders if you have any questions.

In 2019, I will provide updates based on our performance and results each quarter, and you will also receive periodic business updates from other Magellan leaders across the company, in addition to the ongoing performance touch points in place with your leaders.

We have much hard work to do. But, I know Magellan is not merely ready for the challenge – we are eager for it. I am confident that we will produce outstanding results working together.

Barry Smith

Review Magellan’s 2019 enterprise-wide goals.

Congratulations to Victoria Miller, Director’s Award Winner, West Region

Congratulations to Victoria Miller, Director’s Award Winner, West Region

Victoria Miller has proven to be an exceptional MFLC on the Fort Hood school MFLC team. She joined Magellan as an MFLC in 2015, looking to expand her knowledge and skills by helping the community she called home. As a military spouse, Victoria has strong connections in Killeen with both the military and non-military communities. She quickly became a strong MFLC and remains one of the top MFLCs on the Fort Hood team. Victoria often volunteers to assist new team members as they navigate the MFLC role at Fort Hood as well as the Magellan systems. She currently facilitates small group meetings with other school MFLCs to discuss trends and best practices.

Congratulations on your Director’s Award, Victoria! Read more about Victoria’s achievements on MagellanNOW’s AFSC/Magellan Federal channel.

Congratulations to Sue Saccardi, Fourth Quarter Director’s Award Winner, South Region

Congratulations to Sue Saccardi, Fourth Quarter Director’s Award Winner, South Region

Sue Saccardi is a CYB school MFLC serving junior high and high schools in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been described as “enthusiastic, engaged, positive, committed and dependable” as she makes every effort to support her students. Sue excels in her ability to provide services and support to military families and can often be found attending sporting events and other after-school activities. Her positive and energetic attitude is valued by those at the schools she serves and the MFLC team.

Sue, thank you for your continued service to the MFLC program, and congratulations on being the Director’s Award recipient for this quarter! Keep up with all the amazing work our employees are doing on MagellanNOW’s AFSC/Magellan Federal channel.

Priya Mittal Receives MFLC Director's Award

Priya Mittal Receives MFLC Director's Award for North/OCONUS Region

Priya Mittal, a dedicated MFLC at the United States Military Academy-West Point, received this quarter’s MFLC Director’s Award. She has been extremely successful in expanding access to the MFLC program within the unique academic environment of USMA West Point. Priya supports over 4,000 cadets at the United States Military Academy in addition to providing non-medical counseling to a garrison community, servicing the roughly 2,000 soldiers and family members who provide support to the Academy.

Congratulations, Priya, for a job well done and receiving this quarter’s MFLC Director’s Award! Read more about Priya’s achievements on MagellanNOW’s AFSC/Magellan Federal channel.

Patalano Coined Twice

MFLC Madeline Patalano Coined Twice

MFLC Madeline Patalano received two coins from Major Satterfield, chaplain and rear detachment POC, on Dec. 28, 2018 and Jan. 2, 2019. Madeline greatly contributed to MFLC’s support of over 1500 Soldiers returning home from deployment in November alone. Madeline was recognized for her involvement in the reintegration dinners, flight arrivals, welcome ceremonies, and reintegration briefs. She attended ten homecoming ceremonies and met nine flights for returning Soldiers, waiting alongside the Service members’ anxious families at all hours.

Join us in celebrating Madeline’s achievements and thanking her for her support of our Service members.

Magellan Crisis Communications

New! Magellan Health Crisis Communications Resource Page

Sadly, nearly every day we are faced with traumatic events that impact our clients and members. Whether it be weather-related events, shootings or other emergencies, these traumatic events are frightening. Some of the events make national news, and impact members from many clients, while other events are more local, and may impact one or a few clients. When an event impacts many people in a region, Magellan Health opens a crisis line and encourages the public to call for counseling and other resources.

In response to traumatic events, Magellan has developed a central location for crisis communications resources. The resource page, includes four Magellan tip sheets available to download, and links to resources on the Ready.gov website, such as guides and videos for nearly 30 different types of traumatic events. The purpose of this page is to show that we are proactive and that we care. We realize that we may not be aware of all traumatic events that our members encounter, but our resources are available 24/7/365.

This resource page can be shared publicly. The tip sheets on the resource page are available in both English and Spanish. If someone you know could use this information, please share.

NEW Deltek Expense Report Training Dates & Resources

Upcoming General User Training Dates:

• Tuesday, August 28th at 5:00 PM EDT

Expense Report Timeline

Mileage Report User Guide

Non Travel Expense Report User Guide

Travel Expense Report User Guide

Upcoming Supervisor User Training Dates:

Thursday, August 23rd at 10:00 AM EDT

Approving Expense Report for Supervisors Guide

Costpoint Timesheet Training

Timesheet Training Guide

Timesheet Supervisor Approval Guide

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