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April 2018 – Month of the Military Child

As the largest provider of military family services, our team knows better than anyone how important it is to support military children. And, there’s no better time than April to recognize and appreciate military children for their service and sacrifice.

The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) has deemed April the Month of the Military Child because in their own way, military-connected children serve, too. Did you know that military-connected children tend to move six to nine times during their school-age years? These frequent moves naturally present on-going challenges as well as the added stress of family separations and life transitions.

The well-being of all military children and youth depends on a strong, consistent network of supportive adults. Parents, teachers, mentors, and role models play a pivotal role in the life of a military child.

You can make a difference in the life of a military child by seeking opportunities to acknowledge their sacrifice, volunteering for organizations that support them, and recognizing their contribution to the nation.


Geoffrey J. Deutsch


Costpoint Help Phase Out & AFSC Helpdesk Guide

It’s been a long winter and implementation season, but we see the light with spring just around the corner and an opportunity for a fresh start! Effective Wednesday, March 14th, CostpointHelp@afsc.com will be closed. Inquiries regarding expense reports should be routed to GetExpenseReport@afsc.com and timesheet/Costpoint account-related items, should be routed to GetPayroll@afsc.com. If you have open items which were not previously addressed in the ticketing system or escalated through your program/department leadership, please send a new note to the respective team.

We have updated some of our corporate helpdesk email addresses. For your reference, we have included tips for success for routing your inquiries in our Support Directory. You can also download this printable version.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support, patience, and kindness throughout this process!

Accessing AFSC's Online Resources

With our partnership with Magellan, you now have access to a wide array of new services and unique programs. To take advantage of these online resources:

  1. Visit http://www.mgln.us/AFSC-Welcome and click on "Register" or continue as a guest
  2. You can complete registration by creating an account
  3. From the Welcome Page, you can access webinars, podcasts, the LifeMart Discount Center, web-based care, and more
  4. Use the purple ribbon to review your program and access the library
  5. Use the Quick Links to access LifeMart and other services

For more specific instructions on accessing AFSC's online resources, view the presentation.

Punishers Wheelchair Basketball

AFSC/Magellan Federal employee, Bryce Doody, was recently featured on an episode of the Punishers Wheelchair Basketball podcast. Bryce speaks about his childhood in Plymouth, Maine, the differences between stand-up and wheelchair basketball, and his seven seasons playing professionally in Europe after graduating from Edinboro University. He also touches on his work today as a Military Adaptive Sports Coordinator at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and his hopes for the MedStar NRH Punishers in future seasons.

You can stream Bryce’s episode via SoundCloud online or using your mobile device.

Construction on the 10th floor will commence Tuesday, March 27

The 1st phase of construction will be the new IT/LAN room (on the 10th floor). It is the only room on the 10th floor that will be done during phase 1, to ensure that the LAN room is ready upon the completion of phase 2. Phase 2 will be the 10th floor expansion space for staff to use while the remaining construction is completed.

Demolition in the current distribution room will begin Tuesday, March 27. Once demo begins, construction workers will be onsite during the hours of 5:00 am to 1:00 pm. The construction may be disruptive to employees that work near the distribution room. Please coordinate any temporary work locations with your supervisor.

The distribution room snack machine, supplies, postage and fax machine will be relocated:

  • The snack machine has temporarily been relocated to the 10th floor kitchen. Upon completion of the expansion space, the snack machine will be relocated to the new café area.
  • The supplies in the distribution room will be temporarily relocated to the tall dark closets across from office, S1035. The postage machine and fax machine will be relocated to S1013.
  • The large printer will not be operational during phase 1 due to the power requirements, beginning Thursday, March 1.
  • Employees on the 10th floor will need to print their documents to Sharp printer 6240, located across from office S1033.
  • If you run into complications remapping your documents to Sharp printer 6240 please contact GetIT@AFSC.com.
  • The printer will go back to its original location upon completion of the IT/LAN room.
  • Upon receiving the projected completion date of the IT/LAN room you will be notified.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction please contact GetFacilities@AFSC.com. Check out a video of our wall smashing ceremony below.

Hidden In Plain Sight

ASACS hosted a community prevention project called Hidden In Plain Sight in the Landstuhl community on February 13, 2018. Clinical Supervisors Dillon and Allison Welliver (pictured above) worked with their local prevention working group to identify a community need based from parent requests. Dillon assisted with the USAG Rheinland Pfalz ASAP to create an amusing and shocking scavenger hunt in a life-sized exhibit of a mock teenager's bedroom with red flags to indicate alcohol or drug use. Participants and parents were challenged to find drug safe stashes, controlled substances, or other commonly abused household items.

Allison Welliver (Clinical Supervisor for Bavaria) was an event presenter. ASACS, including our Air Force colleagues, gave a briefing about adolescent drug and alcohol trends and mitigating factors for parents. Great job to the ASACS team for getting creative to help educate the community on a requested need.

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