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Procurement Process

Ordering services on the AFSC/Magellan Federal HR Solutions contract vehicle is quick and easy. You’ll receive immediate attention and the highest quality customer service from our Management Team.

An e-mail or phone call will start the three phased HR Solutions ordering process.

PHASE 1: Market Research — A collaborative process which ensures the right solutions are delivered within your budget and timeframe.

PHASE 2: Acquisition and Planning — Includes completion of acquisition forms, preparation of a Performance Work Statement and generation of cost estimates by HRS, followed by the release of a Task Order Request for Proposal contingent upon the provision of funding.

PHASE 3: Award and Execution — Includes a detailed review of the cost and technical proposals,award of the contract, and contract administration.

Army HR Solutions Program Office (HRS) says that requirements are typically awarded within 60 days of submitting the Performance Work Statement (PWS) and the entire process, from bid to award, is completed within approximately 30–45 days. HRS provides full lifecycle support throughout the contract, including pre- and post-award services.

For additional information, contact the AFSC/Magellan Federal PMO via email or call 703-379-9311 ext 1830, or visit the Army‘s HR Solutions Business Office Web site.

Three Phases In Ordering Services

PHASE 1: Market Research

Step 1: Contact the AFSC/Magellan Federal HR Solutions Program Management Office (PMO).The PMO staff will discuss the tasks, scope, services and products that your client/customer needs. The PMO staff will help you decide if the HR Solutions S&A contract is the right vehicle for your requests.

Step 2: Conduct and present Market Research. This step is encouraged by the FAR under section—FAR Part 10 Market Research (FAC 2005-24).

PHASE 2: Acquisition & Planning

Step 3: Federal customer requests the acquisition forms and templates from Army Mission Installation Contracting Command (AMICC), Office of the Program Executive Officer Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), Human Resource Solutions (HRS). Federal customers e-mail the AMICC staff using the form on the Army‘s HR Solutions Web site, where additional contact options and registration information is provided. Be prepared to use market research to provide details on your work requirements as a “starter set” for the AMICC Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)/contract staff to begin Performance Work Statement (PWS) initiation and compile the Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation.

Step 4: The AMICC staff prepares the PWS and Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE). The COR/contract staff will work with the Federal customer to develop a legally sufficient PWS containing scope, background, applicable documents, tasks and objectives. The AMICC staff will work with you to draft the required IGCE as an estimate of Level of Effort for contractor performance. The IGCE and PWS will be adjusted as necessary to meet your client/customer’s needs and available funding.

Step 5: Federal customer provides funding to AMICC. Funding is provided to cover the estimated cost of contractor performance and all associated administrative fees.

PHASE 3: Award & Execution

Step 6: AMICC release procurement Task Order Request for Proposal (TORFP) documents to all prime contract holders. The AMICC staff will prepare and release the solicitation and any related procurement documents to obtain quotes from the various HR Solutions contractors. The AMICC staff will directly interface with the bidders on the customer’s behalf on all queries and procurement requirements.

Step 7: AMICC staff reviews all cost and technical quotes with the Federal customer. AMICC will review all offers received and draft evaluations and recommendations for the task order award. Customer will be offered an opportunity to participate during this process. The AMICC staff, along with the customer, will provide an evaluation for Contracting Officer (CO) consideration and approval.

Step 8: AMICC awards the task order. The customer and contractor are notified, copies of the task order are distributed, and performance begins.

Step 9: Contract Administration. The Director of AMICC is the authorized COR to perform post-award contract administration. The AMICC staff will perform a variety of tasks to assist your customer throughout contract execution and closure.