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Magellan Federal/AFSC Values

Own it: If it is to be done, it’s up to us to do it

Win together: We believe in the collective genius of our people and the magic of teamwork

Deliver: We are relentless in the pursuit of value and results for our customers

Care: We care deeply about each other, our customers and the communities we serve

Stand tall: We always do the right thing

Evolve: We embrace learning as a means to reinvention—in all that we do

Our Commitment to Ethical Conduct

Magellan Federal/AFSC’s legacy is built upon the highest possible standards of ethical conduct of our employees. We expect nothing but the highesst ethical conduct from every one of our employees and we will take action if we learn that we have not lived up to these standards. Our reputation for integrity and excellence requires careful observance of the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as scrupulous regard for the maximum standards of conduct and personal integrity. All affairs of the company are conducted openly, honorably, honestly, and impartially, and our employees constantly strive to maintain the confidence of our clients, suppliers, and the military community.

Magellan Federal/AFSC Quality Policy

It is the express policy of Magellan Federal/AFSC, to promote a culture of quality that includes an organization-wide commitment and philosophy of continuous improvement to our standard practices, programs, projects, and service delivery.

Our mission is to provide technically superior solutions in partnership with our clients that are of the highest quality and to ensure customer satisfaction through:

Voices of Magellan Federal/AFSC

Here is a comprehensive snapshot of the most recent survey of Magellan Federal/AFSC employees.

98.7% have a good understanding of our mission and 99.6% are aligned with our core values

96.9% see their job as important to our special mission

96.9% are willing to give extra effort to help us succeed

89.3% are satisfied with Magellan Federal/AFSC as their employer and
65.1%are EXTREMELY satisfied

Based on a response rate of 49.2%.