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AFSC/Magellan Federal Offers Veteran Benefits Services to Employees

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Employee Newsfeed:

Stay Connected! Employee Newsfeed has moved to Workplace

Stay Connected! Employee Newsfeed has moved to Workplace

We have officially launched our Magellan Federal group on Workplace. All Magellan Federal employees are already added, so go in and check it out! The Getting Started with Workplace and Downloading Workplace Apps guides will help you get you started.

Cool! How Do I Use It?

It is your secure, one-stop location to:

  • Connect with employees across our organization
  • Create focused groups of discussion
  • Share best practices and resources
  • Post photos and brag about the great things you are doing
  • Get Federal news, tips, and tricks

Don’t Forget About Workchat!

  • Access Workchat from inside Workplace to instant message your coworkers.
  • Workchat is better than texting because you can get it on all your devices—phone and laptop—for quick answers to your questions.

I’m Excited! How Do I get Started?

  1. Download the Workplace app on your mobile device (see attachment links above) OR go to Okta and select the Workplace tile:
  2. The group should be listed in the right hand sidebar of your Workplace window, or go to the Settings (gear) icon in the top toolbar and select “Your Groups.”
  3. Click on Magellan Federal News Feed group and start connecting!

Note: If for some reason you don’t see the group listed here, simply search for “Magellan Federal News Feed” in the upper left search bar within Workplace and click the “Join Group” button on the top right.


Make it a part of your morning routine to sign on daily and stay logged in throughout the day on your desktop and phone. This way you won’t miss out on chats, notifications, and posts!

Log in to Workplace today – let us know what you think! Look for the poll asking for your feedback on what you would like featured on the Federal News Feed! Now that you are a part of the group, you will see posts in your regular newsfeed, so check back daily. Don’t forget to join other Magellan Health groups of interest to participate in other great things happening across the company.

If you have any questions, please refer to the attachment links above, or email GetCreative@MagellanFederal.com

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personnel only)

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