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Dennis Fritz Awarded Exemplary Core Values Award

Dennis Fritz has successfully served as the Program Manager for Warrior Care Program Recovery Coordination Program (WCP RCP) since 2018. Before RCP, he served on Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) as Program Manager and Deputy Program Manager from 2014 to 2018. He has served through important evolutions in the program and is able to share a great deal of strategic insight about the program environment. This contract has operated on successive extensions that could have destabilized the workforce, but under Dennis' consistent leadership, the fill rate has remained high and the service superior. Dennis is highly trusted and has masterfully cultivated important relationships with the client, and throughout DHA, that continuously inform both the execution of the program as well as directed efforts at recapture.

For his integrity and excellence in service to Wounded Warriors and their caregivers, Dennis has been awarded the Magellan Federal/AFSC Exemplary Core Values Award. Congratulations, Dennis!

On the Spot Awards – Domestic Abuse
Victim Advocates

Congratulations to our “On the Spot” Awardees from the Army Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates, Terri Ceaser, Jessica Bartholomew, and Tracy Acup. Your recognition is well-deserved!

On the Spot Awards – Exceptional Family
Member Program

Join us in applauding the efforts of Elizabeth Dailey and Rebecca DeMorse, System Navigators with the Army Exceptional Family Member Program. Their efforts did not go unnoticed, and for that we recognize them with the “On the Spot” Award.

On the Spot Awards – New Parent Support Program

These Home Visitors from our Army New Parent Support Program put in the hard work and we’re pleased to announce they have received “On the Spot” Awards. Congratulations to Helen Burky, Teresa Mitchell, Amanda Luzunaris, Rosa Torres, Lisa Zamudio, and Jessie Rogers!

Exemplary Core Values Award – Samantha A.

Samantha Atchley has worked with the Army New Parent Support Program in the role of a Lead Home Visitor since December 2012. During Sam's tenure with Magellan Federal/AFSC, she has shown excellence in her work with not only the team at Fort Sill, but also with the Soldiers and Families. Sam is the embodiment of above and beyond. This year alone, she has received two "Excellent" reviews from clients.

The Government Family Advocacy Program Manager (FAPM) has repeatedly given positive feedback about not only her performance, but her dedication to making the program accessible and fun for the clients and making the workplace environment up-beat and productive. Sam's FAPM stated the she was "the beating heart of the program.”

Over the years, Sam has helped her fellow co-workers through cancer treatments, welcomed babies, and given farewells; through it all, Sam has maintained her positive attitude. She has been performing at this level of commitment for over 8 years. Sam is truly a ROQSTAR, and we congratulate her with our highest achievement.

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Carrie B.

Carrie Barnett has worked as a Lead Home Visitor at Fort Riley since July 2015. During her tenure with Magellan Federal/AFSC, Carrie has shown an outstanding work ethic and has been an exemplary team player. Carrie's enthusiastic personality is reflected in the work she does and the services she offers to Military Families. Carrie has been a vital part of the planning and execution of an installation-wide events for the past three years.

Each day, Carrie goes above and beyond to support the government using her personal skill set of event planning and large-scale decorating. Her innovation skills help make these events a huge success, giving Soldiers and the Families of Fort Riley a great experience.

In addition, Carrie oversees a team of seven Magellan Federal/AFSC Home Visitors. She also assists management with interviewing, meet and greets, and new hire training. Carrie maintains a caseload of 25, while managing multiple responsibilities that include facilitating outreach and classes to Military Families. Congrats, Carrie!

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Tatyana N.

Tatyana Nunez has been an Magellan Federal/AFSC employee and an EFMP Systems Navigator since September 2016. Tatyana has been instrumental in the success of the Fort Carson Exceptional Family Member Program and continuously goes above and beyond for her clients.

During a recent quality assurance visit, the COR-RA on the contract was thoroughly impressed by Tatyana's knowledge of the program and her leadership abilities. Tatyana stayed after hours to talk to her about the program and to help educate her on the great work Fort Carson does with families.

The Fort Carson EFMP Program Manager consistently praises Tatyana and her work ethic. Congratulations, Tatyana!

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Lorraine R.

Hattie "Lorraine" Rodriguez has been an Magellan Federal/AFSC employee since November 2014. Although Lorraine is quiet, she has demonstrated strong leadership skills in her role as a Systems Navigator at Fort Bliss. She has gone above and beyond her role during the absence of the government EFMP Program Manager and EFMP Specialist for the past two years. Lorraine has taken the lead in training new employees and orientating them to Fort Bliss. Lorraine constantly communicates with the Magellan Federal/AFSC Program Management team to ensure they are kept in the loop about all things at Fort Bliss. Lorraine is well-respected by her colleagues at Fort Bliss. Congratulations, Lorraine!

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Sharon B.

Sharon has demonstrated exemplary performance as a senior SBS team member. She has consistently excelled in her position by going above and beyond to assist her team members and Survivors of the Fallen. In December 2017, the Online Survivor Benefits Report/Casualty Assistance Module (OSBR/CAM) systems went down due to government action. This required Sharon to completely rework her process and provide OSBR initial reports manually until March 2019. That meant 15 months of extra work! She handled the demand and workload professionally and did not let clients and customers feel the extra steps involved. The results were seamless to external contacts and she exceeded client expectations. Sharon further demonstrated her technical expertise by testing the new Casualty Assistance Module for the OSBR management application. She was instrumental in updating the backlog of more than 1,000 cases to the Casualty Reports in the CAM/OSBR application. As of 21 March 2019, Sharon and her team members have completed the entire backlog. Congratulations, Sharon!

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Shaun G.

Shaun Gaskins has consistently provided outstanding service to the survivors of our fallen Service members. In December 2017, the Online Survivor Benefit Report/Casualty Assistance Module (OSBR/CAM) systems went down due to government action. This required Shaun to completely rework his process and provide OSBR initial reports manually until March 2019. This was over 15 months of work! He handled the extra demand and workload with the same professionalism he always displays. Our clients and shareholders never knew about the extra steps. The results were seamless for our customers and he has exceeded expectations. On a recent team project, he successfully updated a total of 554 Casualty Reports into the new OSBR/CAM management application. With his assistance testing the application, the new OSBR/CAM management application has gone live as of 18 March 2019. Shaun completed this task within two days. He also assisted his team member with her workload, to ensure the project was finalized. Shaun’s performance is a true example of teamwork and professionalism. Congratulations, Shaun!

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Julia G.

Julia has worked tirelessly over the past few months on multiple efforts including handling the past performance section for the MOS bid. Other activities include: Supported ESRG YRRP Past Performance write ups, Supporting Ft Gordon proposal and the recent Leadership Team meeting. Julia recently took on supporting the Pipeline meetings with Ed Yost where she gathers notes and manages action items. She also manages providing Carlo Uchello with the KPI data that he reports up the chain. She has volunteered for these extra duties and conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and upbeat attitude. Everyone on the team enjoys working with her and she is always ready to lend a hand to others.

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Stephanie K.

Stephanie took over proposal management duties of the very challenging Military OneSource effort. The MOS proposal required significant coordination before the RFP was even released and involved dozens of individuals across both AFSC and Magellan Healthcare. Stephanie came up to speed very quickly on the work done prior to her involvement and was a confident, directive manager who rolled up her sleeves and was deeply involved in every aspect of the proposal including orals prep. She showed exemplary collaboration with Magellan colleagues and her communication style yielded trust and support from every contributor. Stephanie put in many long nights and weekends on this effort and truly showed her commitment to the work as well as to the organization. Her efforts produced an exemplary proposal that was compelling and an orals team that was prepared and performed admirably.

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Nicole F.

In early March (and in the weeks leading up to the event), we held our annual Management Leadership Team off-site meeting with approximately 100 internal and external Magellan Healthcare team members in attendance. Nicole led a team of volunteers in their work to organize the event by planning for and executing the conference logistics, the presentations to be given, the handouts, the hotel accommodations for out of town visitors, the meals, and many other details. She sacrificed many hours of her evenings and weekends to ensure that the conference was the great success that it was.

ROQSTAR Excellence Award – Heather L.

Heather has worked diligently to optimize her billing organization in a very difficult Deltek post-implementation environment. She has had to learn, train, administer, and manage to system requirements that are often complex and difficult to master.

Additionally, Heather has provided exceptional delivery (AFSC) and customer side support. She has elevated issues and driven them to resolution often to gain customer invoice acceptance that moves the cash collection cycle forward. She has coordinated work groups to remediate work flow issues. Heather's leadership in the billing department has been critical to operational success.

Thank you and congratulations Heather!

Promotion Announcements – Lindsay S. & David T.

Lindsay S.

Lindsay S. has been promoted to Director of Marketing and Communications. As we progress down the path of integrating fully with Magellan, Lindsay stepped in to bridge the gap in communications with Magellan and started forging a path for greater brand identity and market awareness.

Lindsay joined AFSC in 2010 and has served in roles of increasing responsibility for B&P, contract deliverables, and corporate support. She brings 13 years of marketing, communication, and design experience to the role, and this new alignment will provide seamless coordination with Magellan and our marketing and growth strategies. In this new role, Lindsay’s knowledge, skills, and leadership will ensure she and her team continue to flourish.

David T.

David T. has stepped in to backfill Lindsay and has been promoted to Manager of Creative Services. David has been with the company since 2013, and for the past 5+ years, he has expanded his knowledge and skill set from graphic design to including marketing, web, and social media, while managing a high volume, fast-paced workload. David has been central to the speed, quality, and professionalism that has been come to be appreciated when working with the Creative team.

Please join us in congratulating Lindsay and David on these well-deserved promotions. We know they will flourish in these new roles and we’re excited for the growth potential this will bring to the next phase of our evolution.

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