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Magellan Employee Referral Rewards Program

You are best placed to know how we work at Magellan Federal/AFSC, so when you say you know someone who will fit in, we hear you. Do you know of a qualified candidate who would be a great addition to the Magellan Federal/AFSC team?


Through Magellan Federal/AFSC's Employee Referral Rewards Program you can refer quality candidates to work here and if they are hired, you'll receive a referral bonus! For each referral that results in a new Magellan Federal/AFSC team member, the rewards are as follows:

If you refer Management Level Job Level You’ll receive …
1. Executive
  • 1. Executive 1
  • 1.1 Executive 2
  • 1.1.1 Executive 3
  • Executive 4
  • Executive 5
BU President 2. BU President $1,500
Senior Vice President
  • 3. Senior Vice President 1
  • 2.1 Senior Vice President 2
Vice President
  • 4. Vice President 1
  • 4.1 Vice President 2
  • 5. Senior Director
  • 5.1 Director 1
  • $1000
  • $1000
  • 6. Senior Manager
  • 6.1 Manager
  • 6.1.1 Supervisor
  • $1000
  • $1000
  • $500
Exempt Individual Contributor
  • 7. Exempt Individual Contributor 1
  • 7.1 Exempt Individual Contributor 2
  • 7.1.1 Exempt Individual Contributor 3
  • Exempt Individual Contributor 4
  • $1000
  • $1000
  • $500
  • $500
Non-Exempt Individual Contributor
  • 8. Exempt individual Contributor 1
  • 8.1 Exempt Individual Contributor 2
  • 8.1.1 Exempt Individual Contributor 3
  • Exempt Individual Contributor 4
  • $500
  • $250
  • $250
  • $250
Clinical (If different from non-clinical levels)
  • 9. Senior Manager (Clinical)
  • 9.1 Manager (Clinical)
  • 9.1.1 Exempt Individual Contributor 1 (Clinical)
  • Exempt Individual Contributor (Clinical)
  • Nurses
  • $1000
  • $1000
  • $1000
  • $1000
  • $1000
MFLC Manager, Clinical Care Services 10. MFLC Manager, Clinical Care Services $600
MFLC Counselor 11. MFLC Counselor $1000

How to Make a Referral

To take advantage of the Employee Referral Rewards Program, please complete one of the two following options. If neither of the below options are followed, you will not be eligible to receive a referral bonus.

Note: Referral information cannot be changed after the application is submitted.

Option 1:

An email will then be sent to the potential candidate inviting them to apply to the open position. They will need to click on the link provided in the email in order to apply to the position and have your referral successfully logged.

Option 2:

When the potential candidate goes to apply for an open position, there will be a section on the job application asking if they were referred to Magellan Federal/AFSC. The potential candidate must list your name in this section.

PLEASE NOTE: Your name will need to be listed exactly as it appears in Workday. If the name is misspelled, the system will not pick up on the referral.

Once the candidate has submitted the application with your name listed as the person who referred them to Magellan Federal/AFSC, you will receive an email notifying you that your referral was submitted and asking you whether or not you endorse this candidate. If you respond and choose to endorse the candidate, the referral will be successfully logged and processed if all other eligibility requirements are met. If the endorsement portion of the process is not completed, the referral will not be considered valid and the bonus will not be paid out.

Who is Eligible?

Note: Upon meeting all eligibility requirements, Magellan Federal/AFSC will pay out the employee referral bonus within 30 days of the employee hitting the 90th day of employment.

Who We Need

Magellan Federal/AFSC hires as many as 50 people per month, with individuals coming from all professions including executives, doctors, nurses, social workers, case managers, trainers, technology experts, administrators and more. The most desirable candidates for our Magellan Federal/AFSC team are hardworking, committed professionals who take initiative and are constantly looking for opportunities to help clients improve program impact and efficiency.