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AFSC/Magellan Federal members will have access to a team of qualified professionals, dedicated to providing them personalized assistance. Our goal is to help service members, veterans and their families understand and manage their military benefits, so that they receive the support to which they are entitled. When an AFSC/Magellan Federal member dies, survivors receive immediate support. As knowledgeable authorities on the latest developments in all government benefits, we stand by our members' dependents for life, to ensure no benefits are overlooked.

AFSC/Magellan Federal members receive the following services:

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Voices of AFSC/Magellan Federal

Here is a comprehensive snapshot of the most recent survey of AFSC/ Magellan Federal employees.

98.7% have a good understanding of our mission and 99.6% are aligned with our core values

96.9% see their job as important to our special mission

96.9% are willing to give extra effort to help us succeed

89.3% are satisfied with AFSC/Magellan Federal as their employer and
65.1%are EXTREMELY satisfied

Based on a response rate of 49.2%.