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Family Information Record (FIR) Annual Report

Family Information Record (FIR) Annual Report As an Magellan Federal/AFSC member, you will receive an annual printout summarizing the complete government survivor benefits your family would receive in the event of your death. Calculations are made using our proprietary database, and are updated constantly to reflect legislative and policy changes that may affect your benefits. The FIR also includes personal and military data, commercial life insurance policies and values. The comprehensive FIR printout will become a valuable family financial document.

Claims Assistance

When an Magellan Federal/AFSC member or a survivor needs to file a claim for benefits, they will have the support of experienced Magellan Federal/AFSC employees to help navigate the somewhat challenging maze of government bureaucracy. Living Magellan Federal/AFSC members can be assisted with Veterans Affairs and with their disability claims. Upon notification of a member's death, government and life insurance claims are initiated immediately and appropriate forms are sent to dependents for prompt receipt of benefits. Magellan Federal/AFSC continuously follows up to ensure that full benefits are paid in a timely manner, and stands ready to represent members' needs when there is a benefit claims dispute. Our experienced professionals can significantly reduce the frustration of filing claims during an already difficult time.

Benefits Education

Understanding military benefits and personal finances can be a confusing and time-consuming task. Magellan Federal/AFSC helps members make informed financial decisions by providing objective advice and training from our licensed and credentialed consultants. Our counselors do not receive any commission for referrals, so you can trust their unbiased information and support. We can help you make important decisions involving:

Answers to Your Questions

Magellan Federal/AFSC stands ready to assist you and your family in understanding all the benefits to which you are entitled. Call our team members any time for quick, clear-cut answers to your questions. Magellan Federal/AFSC is here to build and support Strong Warriors, Strong Veterans, and Strong Families.

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